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SF Indiefest

Since 1999, SF Indiefest has provided a venue for quirky and "homeless" films. Though some of those films end up with distributors or even a wide release, the fest prides itself on championing little films from the heart and the guts (Sundance's shadow, the Slamdance Film Festival, provided some inspiration in this regard). In fact, SF Indie hosts four festivals annually: The San Francisco Independent Film Festival, a.k.a. SF IndieFest; since 2004, The Hole in the Head Festival of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy; since 2005, The Annual Mighty Ruckus, celebrating rowdy all-ages music, film and arts; and DocFest, presenting off-the-beaten-path indie documentaries since 2001. The original SF Indiefest counts among its venues the Castro Theatre, the Roxie, and the Victoria (all in San Francisco), as well as Landmark's California Theatre in Berkeley. For more information and tickets, go to
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