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Dana Fox—How to Be Single—1/28/2016

Stanford grad Dana Fox went on to the USC School of Cinematic Arts' Peter Stark Producing Program and jobs working for writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (during the creation of Smallville) and John August (Big Fish, The Nines). Soon she won the sole screenwriting credits for The Wedding Date and What Happens in Vegas (and performed uncredited rewrites on 27 Dresses and Knight and Day). Fox also co-wrote—with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn—Couples Retreat, produced Hot Pursuit, and created the FOX comedy Ben and Kate, starring Dakota Johnson. Johnson again speaks Fox's words in How to Be Single, an ensemble comedy also starring Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie (Fox is also among the producers of the film). Just before she entertained an audience of Stanford students after a screening of How to Be Single, Fox sat down to discuss her work in the halls of the Century 20 Downtown Redwood City.


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