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Gregg Henry—Guardians of the Galaxy, Body Double, Jason Bourne—08/28/2016

/content/interviews/449/1.jpgGregg Henry's forty years on screen have included five films for Brian DePalma (Scarface, Body Double, Raising Cain, Femme Fatale, and The Black Dahlia) three for James Gunn (Slither, Super, and Guardians of the Galaxy), and two films for Paul Greengrass (United 93 and Jason Bourne). Other memorable film roles include Payback and Star Trek: Insurrection. His staggering TV credits include recurring or regular stints on Hell on Wheels, Hung, Chicago Med, Scandal, The Following, Gilmore Girls, Bunheads, 24, and The Riches (among many others) and a slew of guest shots on shows from Star Trek: Enterprise to Moonlighting. Henry told me about his multiple collaborations with the aforementioned directors, being Peter Quill's grandfather and Jason Bourne's father, and the roles of which he's most proud. Our career-spanning conversation took place at the San Jose Convention Center during the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2016.



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