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The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

(2006) * 1/2 R
88 min. Regent Releasing. Director: George Bamber. Cast: Daniel Letterle, Dave Monahan, Diego Serrano, Dean Shelton, Shanola Hampton.
George Bamber's adaptation of the Eric Orner comic strip starts out unspeakably bad and gradually becomes nominally bearable as the viewer comes to accept its inveterate silly streak. Overacting up a storm, Daniel Letterle (Camp) stars as Ethan, a majorly screwed-up twenty-six-year-old bachelor with too many options and too little sense. Ethan and his various boyfriends eventually have a farcical collision, and there's a climactic gay wedding, but not before Meredith Baxter (formerly of Family Ties) shows up to casually toss-off profanities and veteran character actors Richard Riehle and Joel Brooks thoroughly embarass themselves as the Hat Sisters, Ethan's "Aunties" in matching dresses. David Monahan is a voice of sanity with his understated performance, and Dean Shelton turns on high-wattage charm as teenage dynamo Punch Shelton, but The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green is a bit like staring at a beauty queen's phonily tight smile for ninety minutes.
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