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You, Me and Dupree

(2006) ** Pg-13
109 min. Universal Pictures. Directors: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo. Cast: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Amanda Detmer.
The generic You, Me, and Dupree reworks an old premise: the houseguest who wears out a welcome. Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson play newlyweds who must take in the best man after he loses his job and apartment. Owen Wilson plays Dupree, the childish, presumptuous b.s. artist who sleeps nude on the couch, purposefully sabotages job interviews so he can hang out with the neighborhood kids, and orders HBO, offering to go "halvsies." Ironically, HBO is a more credible outlet for this film than theatres. It's a timewaster for channel flippers. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo are best known for directing ten episodes of Arrested Development, including the Pilot, but the writing of You, Me, and Dupree is unfocused and rarely locates any genuine humor. It's nice to see Dillon in a leading role; Hudson's role is thankless, though she gets to play off of Michael Douglas as her father. Wilson works his verbose slacker routine to its absolute limit, but the film courts an uncomfortably unpleasant tone unconvincingly capped with a heroic climax. What About Bob this ain't.
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