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Beyond the Call

(2006) *** Unrated
81 min. .
When Ed Artis explains that he's not a "sit-on-my-ass kind of guy," it's a genuine understatement. The new documentary Beyond the Call follows ex-Army medical corpsman Artis and his two partners—heart specialist Jim Laws and organizational whiz Walt Ratterman—as they globetrot and offer food and medical services where they're most needed. Fashioning themselves as modern-day knights devoted to "high adventure" where few others would ever go, the three men known collectively as Knightsbridge International deftly avoid red tape as they bring aid to needy people in political hot zones like Afghanistan and Rwanda during the genocide. Adrian Belic's straightforward film shows the men in action and allows them to tell—in their salty, no-B.S. way—their own stories of how and why they do what they do. Happily, they caution they're "not in the God business," and if they're openly prideful about their accomplishments, you'll see for yourself that it's for good reason.
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