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(2008) ** 1/2 R
99 min. Regent Releasing. Director: Jonah Markowitz. Cast: Trevor Wright (II), Brad Rowe, Tina Holmes, Ross Thomas, Joy Gohring.
The gay romantic drama Shelter is rather ordinary (if a gay romantic drama can be called ordinary in today's political climate), especially in its filmic technique. But quietly and cumulatively, it scores dramatic points. Writer-director Jonah Markowitz has a credible protagonist in Zach, a young SoCal surfer stuck working as a short-order chef and playing father to his feckless sister's five-year-old boy. To his peers, he's an aimless guy who can't commit to his girlfriend, but his inner life bursts with artistic creativity and unspoken desire. When he begins hanging out with his best friend's older brother, the world begins to open up to Zach, if he can have the courage to accept it. Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe do strong work in the leading roles. Though the plot is simplistic, Markowitz does deal with interesting social dilemmas, from living closeted to what constitutes good parenting.
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