Snow Angels

(2008) ** 1/2 R
106 min. Warner Independent Pictures. Director: David Gordon Green. Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Thirlby, Amy Sedaris, Michael Angarano.
David Gordon Green helms Snow Angels, an upscale indie starring Sam Rockwell as a fractured soul trying to piece his life back together. Rockwell hounds his wife (Kate Beckinsale), who has dumped but not divorced him. They have a young daughter who's caught in the middle. Meanwhile, the new girl at the local high school (Olivia Thirlby) tentatively embarks on a romance with a boy (Michael Angarano) whose parents are divorcing . The high school romance is lovely, while the adult relationships are either dispiriting or downright horrifying. That contrast is part of the point of this small-town slice of life, based on Stewart O'Nan's novel. The zigzag storyline too often feels disconnected and one wouldn't be blamed for thinking the whole enterprise aimless, though there are potent moments along the way.
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