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(2008) ** Unrated
80 min. Truly Indie. Director: Bruce Von Dusen. Cast: Robert Bogue, Josh Alexander.
The standard-issue "indie bromance" Backseat develops a nice rapport between its leads, but feels more like four strung-together episodes a 1990s sitcom than a compelling reason for a film. Writer Josh Alexander plays Colton, a blithely irresponsible actor with a talent for trouble; producer Rob Bogue plays Ben, his slightly stodgy best friend. They take a road trip from New York City to Montreal, with a plan to stage an "casual" meeting with Donald Sutherland. Alexander and director Bruce van Dusen mostly check off every indie-comedy cliche, but at times the film conversely tries too hard, leading to characters talking more like characters than people (particularly Ben's insufferable girlfriend). Still, Alexander has an ear for a good punchline. In talking over the Sisyphus myth, Ben says, "I don't know where I fit in." Colton replies,"I think you're the slope, dude."
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