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Breaking and Entering

(2006) ** R
120 min. The Weinstein Company. Director: Anthony Minghella. Cast: Jude Law, Vera Farmiga, Juliette Binoche, Martin Freeman, Ray Winstone.
A clumsily symbolic tale comparing actual theft to crimes of the heart, Breaking and Entering finds writer-director Anthony Minghella meandering for a full two hours through bafflingly unrealistic behavior and overwrought dialogue. In short, it seems like the sort of film that debut filmmakers burn off in film festivals, not a major release starring Jude Law, Robin Wright Penn, and Juliette Binoche, whose performance as a Serbian refugee proves she's particularly above the material. Minghella delivers a lot more false moments than genuine ones, so by the time Law's philandering husband confesses, "I don't know how to be honest. Maybe that's why I like metaphors," he might as well be speaking for the film's author.
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