Deep Water

(2007) *** Pg
93 min. IFC Films. Director: Jay Russell. Cast: Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Alex Etel, David Morrissey, Geraldine Brophy.
In Deep Water, documentarians Louise Osmond and Jerry Rothwell recount the dramatic story of the 1968 Golden Globe yacht race, with a focus on one remarkable individual: Donald Crowhurst. The decided underdog outlasted most of his competitors with a flimsy-looking vessel he described as "falling to pieces," but out in the foreboding vastness of the sea, Crowhurst could no longer hide from the truth. He faced two terrible options: returning home to financial ruin or dying in the treacherous, wave-wracked Southern ocean. His pursuit of a third option takes the story from "Boy's Own stuff" to the place where madness lies. Visually appealing and stirringly told in the voices of those who lived it, Deep Water joins the ranks of other dark tales of endurance, like Touching the Void.
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