The Hunting Party

(2007) *** R
103 min. The Weinstein Company. Director: Richard Shepard. Cast: Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ivanir, Goran Kostic.
Based on an article in Esquire magazine, The Hunting Party tells the true-ish tall tale of a band of reporters on the trail of the most wanted war criminal in Bosnia. Richard Gere plays an incorrigible war reporter who, despite being damaged goods, convinces others that his goal is possible. His principal allies are his former cameraman (Terrence Howard) and a young journalist (Jesse Eisenberg) allowed by his network VP father to learn on the job. When the misfit trio gets mistaken for a CIA hit squad, they begin to realize what a dangerous game they're playing. Writer-director Richard Shepard nimbly walks a tightrope of comedy and tragedy both political and personal with his zesty and involving satire.
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